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Muslims And The Birth Of Jesus Christ

When the Prophet Muhammad migrated to Madina he was surprised to find the Jewish community fasting on a day known as ‘Ashura’, which fell in the Arabic (later Islamic) month of Muharram. During his ..


interview of France 24

Q: First, was the definition of Ahl as-Sunna wary towards the Salafis, thus removing earlier scholars such as Abdullah ibn Ahmad, ibn Khuzayma, ibn Taymiyya and his students, Dhahabi, ibn Kathir and i..


What is meant by Hajj Mabrur?

Habib Ali al-Jifri (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him) asks what is meant by the term hajj mabrur? All praise is for Allah. Our master Muhammad ﷺ said: “The performance of `umrah is an exp..


There is no precedent for the abhorrent evil created by ISIL

* Image source: Reuters Daesh, the Arabic name for the group known as ISIL, not only refers to this takfirist movement but signifies an ideology of distorted ideas and actions. The actions of ISIL ha..


Our Condition Today: the Disease and the Remedy

The Root Diseases of the Ummah, their effects and their remedies according to Prophetic Teachings We live in a time of struggle. Things happen fast and one event quickly follows another. This leads..

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