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At vero eos et accusamus et Dignissimos dolores et quas lestias.

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The Prince Ghazi Trust for Qur’anic Thought

A non-profit website owned by the Prince Ghazi Trust for Qur’anic Thought, offering  Divine Names, key Qur’anic verses and sacred formulas in Arabic Calligraphy for free download for personal use.


The Radical Middle Way

The Radical Middle Way project is a Muslim grassroots initiative aimed at articulating a mainstream understanding of Islam that is dynamic, pro-active and relevant, particularly to young British Muslims.


A Common Word

An initiative by Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals from many different countries, denominations and schools of thought, identifying the teachings of Islam and declaring common ground with Christianity.


Dar Al-Iftaa of Egypt

Official website of the Egyptian fatwa organization


Zaytuna Institute

Zaytuna Institute is a non-profit, educational institute and school founded and run by people committed to reviving time-tested methods of educating and transforming human beings.

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