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interview of France 24

Q: First, was the definition of Ahl as-Sunna wary towards the Salafis, thus removing earlier scholars such as Abdullah ibn Ahmad, ibn Khuzayma, ibn Taymiyya and his students, Dhahabi, ibn Kathir and i ..


Muslims Speak Out

In this interview with the Washington Post, Habib Ali answers brilliantly questions regarding the very controversial topics of Jihad, suicide bombings, and womens rights in Islam. What is Jihad? Unde ..


The Mercy Warrior

The first thing people notice about Habib Ali al-Jifri is his smile - broad, welcoming, honest. But beneath his gentle demeanour is a steely determination to engage in a genuine dialogue on the meanin ..


Interview with the Yemen Times

“It is difficult for people who are angry to listen to a message. Our message is for people of understanding who live amongst the angry masses.” Habib Ali Zain al-Abideen al-Jifri was born into a fam ..


Comprehensive Intellectual Dialogue with the Yemeni Al-Masdar Newspaper

Whatever differences you may have with Habib Ali Al-Jifri, you cannot help but respect his opinion. With his answers, you can simply see that what he says, he has thought over for a long time. What at ..

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