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Hayatuna 18, Live broadcast

Watch Al Habib Ali Al-Jifri Live in the latest episode of “Our Lives” (Hayatuna), hosted by Amr Al-Leithy on Dream Two, Live from Cairo next Tuesday 2nd November 2010 at 20:30. We welcome your emails ..


What if the Prophet (PBUH) visited us in Ramadan…Live Broadcast

Watch Al Habib Ali Aljifri on a live broadcast from Dream TV Channel studios in 6th of October City in Cairo, in a special episode of “Hayatuna” program entitled ‘What if the Prophet (PBUH) visited us ..


Domestic violence

Why has violence prevailed in our daily lives? Why is mercy and compassion fading away while domestic violence is reigning instead? Are our house as such prepared to the visit of our Prophet (peace be ..


Be Optimistic

 Tonight, Alive in Our Hearts Youth Forums of Se’un is organizing a meeting with Al-Habib Ali Aljifri. The event will take place at Al-Ahkaf Hotel in Se’un, Hadhramawt, and will deal with youth and op ..


The 16th Scholarly Session for Islamic Studies at Dar al-Mustapha in Tarim

In order to participate in the 16th Scholarly Session for Islamic Studies at Dar al-Mustapha in Tarim, Al Habib Ali Aljifri arrived in Tarim city in Hadhramawt and will be there for the period from 3r ..

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