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Selection Criteria

Does your spouse whom you have chosen as your life partner manifest and express in herself the trait of being connected to the Blessed and Honorable Guest? Have you accepted your spouse based on the r ..


A visit to Dar al-Ifta and the UAE Embassy in Cairo

Al Habib Ali Aljifri concluded his trip to Cairo by a friendly visit to Dr. Ali Muhammad Jumua, Grand Mufti of Egypt at Dar al-Ifta in which they discussed issues related to contemporary Islamic disco ..


You will know him if you see him

The second episode of “Hayatona” (Our Life): 'Would have loved you, if He saw you' with Habib Ali al-Jifri, will be aired live from Dream Channel studios in Cairo next Tuesday 3rd of Rajab 1431, 15th ..


Hayatona… ‘Would have loved you if He saw you

All Praise be to Allah, Habib Ali al-Jifri arrived to Cairo to start recording his new program “Hayatona” (Our Life): 'Would have loved you, if He saw you', where its first episode will be aired live ..


One day in the Life of the Prophet (Peace be upon him)

What do you know about the daily schedule of the Prophet (Peace be upon him)? What do we get out of knowing that? Watch the third episode of “Hayatuna” (Our life) program with Al Habib Ali al-Jifri th ..

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