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The 10 Commandments: Rules for the Road of Life

Al Habib Ali Aljifri’s participation in Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference entitled “Rules for the Road of Life - Reviving the 10 Commandments in the Modern World”, from 24th December 2010 to 1st ..


Magic on our TV Screens

Are you aware of what your children are watching and what kind of games they are playing. Are these games and programs suitable for them in that age? What if your Guest wanted to have a look at your f ..


Educational aspects of the Prophet’s (PBUH) attitude towards children

God bestowed on us an innate feeling of mercy towards those who need it, and towards innocent pure hearted people…How was the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him treating children? What were the educational pri ..


How would our children receive the Prophet (PBUH)?

How do we announce the happy news to our children that the Prophet (peace be upon him) is visiting us? Why do we give birth to children? What is the reason behind giving birth? Are demographic issues ..


Al Habib Ali visits 57357

"Effective Planning , scientific research and ongoing training are the main wheels of success” “This culture is worthy to be diffused in the Arab world." "The volunteer at the hospital wins a reward ..


Social Violence at The Hashemite Scientific Councils

   Al Habib Ali Aljifri participates in The Hashemite Scientific Councils this coming Friday 10th Ramadan. The event will be broadcasted live on Jordan Space Channel after the Jumuaa Prayer at Amman l ..


Timings for Al Shajarah Al Tayyeba Program – Ramadan 1431 Hijri

Timings for Al Shajarah Al Tayyeba Program on Dream Channels One & Two  during the whole month of Ramadan 1431 Hijri: 18:30 – 20:00 – 04:00 – 06:00 alternatively. A series of talks about unders ..


What if the Prophet (PBUH) visited us in Ramadan…Live Broadcast

Watch Al Habib Ali Aljifri on a live broadcast from Dream TV Channel studios in 6th of October City in Cairo, in a special episode of “Hayatuna” program entitled ‘What if the Prophet (PBUH) visited us ..


The best of you is the one who is best to his own family

Watch the ninth episode of “Hayatuna” program: 'Would have loved you, if He saw you'  entitled 'The best of you is the one who is best to his own family, and I am the best of you towards my family.'   ..


Domestic violence

Why has violence prevailed in our daily lives? Why is mercy and compassion fading away while domestic violence is reigning instead? Are our house as such prepared to the visit of our Prophet (peace be ..


Deficient In Mind And Religion?

Mentioned by men whenever they are in disagreement with women… but who described them as being deficient in mind and religion? Does deficiency in mind mean a lack of understanding and intelligence? Wh ..


Be Optimistic

 Tonight, Alive in Our Hearts Youth Forums of Se’un is organizing a meeting with Al-Habib Ali Aljifri. The event will take place at Al-Ahkaf Hotel in Se’un, Hadhramawt, and will deal with youth and op ..


Selection Criteria & Issues pertaining to Family Stability

What is meant by the pious man in: “when you receive a proposal from a person who is pious and has good habits…”? Why divorce rates have increased to highest levels? Why do we connect the collapse of ..


Selection Criteria

Does your spouse whom you have chosen as your life partner manifest and express in herself the trait of being connected to the Blessed and Honorable Guest? Have you accepted your spouse based on the r ..


The 16th Scholarly Session for Islamic Studies at Dar al-Mustapha in Tarim

In order to participate in the 16th Scholarly Session for Islamic Studies at Dar al-Mustapha in Tarim, Al Habib Ali Aljifri arrived in Tarim city in Hadhramawt and will be there for the period from 3r ..


A visit to Dar al-Ifta and the UAE Embassy in Cairo

Al Habib Ali Aljifri concluded his trip to Cairo by a friendly visit to Dr. Ali Muhammad Jumua, Grand Mufti of Egypt at Dar al-Ifta in which they discussed issues related to contemporary Islamic disco ..


The secret of real life through understanding of God’s warning

Al Habib’s word on the meanings of some Qur’anic verses as an elegy for the late Imam Al Habib Abdelkader Bin Ahmed Alsaqqaf At Tabah Foundation’s prayer hall, Al Habib Ali talked after the Dhuhr pra ..


Top Muslim Scholars Condemn Moscow Attack

  Muslim scholars from all major theological and juridical schools issue a statement condemning acts of terrorism in Moscow, Daghestan and Iraq.   "We condemn the recent criminal terrorist attacks, p ..


The Mardin Declaration

A Peace Summit Conference (Mardin Abode of Peace) was convened in the Turkish city of Mardin at the Artuklu University campus on Saturday and Sunday (27-28 March 2010)    All Praise be to Allah, Lord ..


Al Habib Ali’s meeting with the Grand Sheikh of al Azhar

As part of his activities in Cairo for the recording his new program “Hayatona”: 'Would have loved you if He saw you', Al-Habib Ali Aljifri along with His Excellency Dr. Adbelwali Al Shemiry Ambassado ..


The 15th Annual Summer Course Dar al-Mustafa for Islamic Sciences Tarim, Yemen

Habib Ali arrived in the blessed city of Tarim in Hadramawt to take part in the annual Dar al-Mustafa summer course where he will be delivering a series of lessons on da'wa, specifically addressing th ..


Al Habib Ali Al Jifri New Website Launch

As part of his current trip to Cairo, Al-Habib Ali Aljifri together with His Excellency Dr. Adbelwali Al Shemiry Ambassador of Yemen, visited the Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al Najjar the newly appointe ..

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