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General news and brief reports on Al Habib Ali Al Jifri travels.

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SOS: Saving the Ship of Humanity

    Habib Ali Aljifri arrived Toronto to take part in the annual “Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention” where he will be delivering a series of lectures from  December 25th - January 2nd. Friday De ..


Lesson 2 from ‘Introducing the Seerah’

Introducing the Seerah of the Prophet, upon him be peaceBy Habib Ali al-Jifri Lesson 2 from the "Introducing the Seerah" series is now uploaded and available for listening. Click Here ..


The 15th Annual Summer Course Dar al-Mustafa for Islamic Sciences Tarim, Yemen

Habib Ali arrived in the blessed city of Tarim in Hadramawt to take part in the annual Dar al-Mustafa summer course where he will be delivering a series of lessons on da'wa, specifically addressing th ..


Al Habib Ali Al Jifri New Website Launch

As part of his current trip to Cairo, Al-Habib Ali Aljifri together with His Excellency Dr. Adbelwali Al Shemiry Ambassador of Yemen, visited the Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al Najjar the newly appointe ..

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