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Trip to Canada

   Habib Ali was recently in Canada for the eighth annual “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” convention and knowledge retreat which took place between 25-27 December in Toronto.

   The convention was held under the banner “SOS: Saving the Ship of Humanity” and was honored with the presence of leading scholars and speakers from around the world.

  Habib Ali’s first session took place on Friday 25 December entitled “A Young Person Dedicated to the Worship of Allah: The Youth Around Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him”. He spoke of the sacrifices they made in order to advance the message of the Prophet and the lessons our youth today could take from them.

   On Saturday 26th December Habib Ali presented a lecture on “What if the Prophet Came to Your Home?” where he discussed how we can make our home a place where we could bring the Prophet to and he be pleased with it.

   In the company of Sheikh Abdullah b. Bayyah, Habib Ali paid a visit to the vendor and grand bazaar where he stopped by and presented to the Sheikh a joint venture project between Tabah Foundation, The Zayed House for Islamic Culture (UAE) and Razi Corporation (Canada) that includes the development of a curriculum for new Muslims which has now been completed and will be distributed by the Zayed House at the beginning of 2010.

   On Sunday 28 December Habib Ali met with a number of thinkers and scholars from the West to discuss how they can contribute towards improving the dissemination of the Islamic message in the West.

   The knowledge retreat portion of the convention began immediately after under the title Medinan Winds for Western Sails: Reviving Prophetic Spirituality in the Last Days”.

Habib Ali delivered six lessons on the book “The Condemnation of Rage, Rancor & Envy” from the magnus opus of Imam al-Ghazali, Ihya Ulum ud-Din (Revival of the Religious Sciences) as commented upon by the contemporary scholar and Dean of Dar al-Mustafa Institute for Islamic Sciences, al-Habib Umar b. Hafiz.

During the retreat Habib Ali visited Sheikh Talal al-Ahdab, head of the Razi Corporation, in his house and concluded the visit with a trip to the Risala Zawiya founded by Sheikh Ramzi Ajam.

Habib Ali departed Canada on 2 January 2010 for Abu Dhabi.

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