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Al Habib Ali Al Jifri New Website Launch

As part of his current trip to Cairo, Al-Habib Ali Aljifri together with His Excellency Dr. Adbelwali Al Shemiry Ambassador of Yemen, visited the Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al Najjar the newly appointed Grand Sheikh of al Azhar to congratulate him and seek his supplications and directions.

Praise belongs to God, The all Knowing, the Giver, the Generous, may the blessings and peace of God be upon the best of those who gave thanks for God’s gift and gave praise, the one who gave the gifts of God their due, our master Mohammad, who was sent as a mercy to creation and a guide, and upon his family and all his companions.

By the success only God gives and by His help, the new website of Habib Ali Aljifri has been launched in its new format, including new parts, and additions.

The most noticeable additions to the new site:

  • Biography: includes birth, lineage, education, activities, travels, overseas lectures, conferences, interviews and TV programs.
  • Audio and Video, is divided as follows: general lectures, and lessons from famous text, such as the Shamaail and Imam Al Haddad’s Lives of Man. We have included audio from the Tarim Summer Program, where Habib Ali describes in detail the methodology of calling to Allah in the west. Also included in this section will be audio and video of trips and lectures provided by affiliates such as Radical Middle Way.
  • News and Travels: this section carries the same name as it did in the old site, but has been improved and is more user friendly.
  • TV Shows and Interviews: contains some of Habib Ali’s TV programs, and press interviews.
  • Books and Articles: includes newspaper articles, as well as books, written or dictated by Habib Ali and translated into english.
  • Links: contains links to a number of selected sites.

The most important technical additions to the new site:

  • Podcast: allows the viewers to download lectures, speeches straight from the website onto their pc, or multimedia player allowing the viewer to obtain the newest updates quickly and efficiently.
  • RSS feed: updates the reader via email and Google Reader on new additions to the site in general or specific sections of interest.
  • Newsletter: allows the reader to subscribe through email and receive website updates and announcements.
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