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Christmas and the Glorious Birth: ‘Peace be upon me the day I was born’

"We are more deserving of Moses than them" This was the response of the Prophet when he was told that the Jews of Madina fast on the day of Ashura in celebration of Moses' deliverance from Pharaoh ..


Nelson Mandela: A Reminder for Us All

Of the many principles that Nelson Mandela stood for, his struggle against the apartheid regime was one, but it was not this that made him unique. In fact, Imam Abdullah Haron preceded him in this str ..


The one who makes Hijra is the one who distances himself from what God has forbidden

We should all reflect and contemplate at the beginning of every Hijri  year on the wisdom inherent in the interchange between day and night, and the passing of months, we are a community which ties it ..



The following was taken from a lecture given by Habib Ali al-Jifri in the blessed city of Tarim in the majestic valley of Hadramauwt, Yemen. Habib Ali gave commentary on the book     You can extract ..


The Ramadan Address 2004

The following is a newly updated edition of the address given by Habib Ali al-Jifri to students of the West in the blessed city of Tarim (located in the Hadramawt Valley of Yemen). The original addres ..

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