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Selection Criteria & Issues pertaining to Family Stability

What is meant by the pious man in: “when you receive a proposal from a person who is pious and has good habits…”? Why divorce rates have increased to highest levels? Why do we connect the collapse of few families to economic crises neglecting the steadfastness of thousands of families despite their hardships? Are divorce rates higher in poor families than rich ones?
Why is that diversion in understanding preference between man and woman? And how this preference is jeopardized when neglecting God’s words on the allocation of rights? How do we change the concept of competition and preference in moving successfully towards God?

How would you deal with potential disagreements with your spouse during the visit of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) to your house? Were there disagreements within the house of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)?

Hosted by Mr. Amr Al-Leithy, “Hayatona” program deals with real life issues by means of dialogue. It is diffused on Dream Channel Two every Tuesday at 19:30, and re-diffused on Wednesday at 16:00, and re-diffused also on Dream Channel One on Wednesday at 20:00.

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