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Al Habib Ali’s meeting with the Grand Sheikh of al Azhar

As part of his activities in Cairo for the recording his new program Hayatona”: ‘Would have loved you if He saw you’, Al-Habib Ali Aljifri along with His Excellency Dr. Adbelwali Al Shemiry Ambassador of Yemen, visited Pr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al Najjar Grand Sheikh of al Azhar and congratulated him on his appointment and supplicated Allah to grant him success in continuing the contributions made by his predecessors for the benefit of the Muslims and the Islamic world as a whole.

Al-Habib Ali also presented warmest congratulations on behalf of Hadhramawt scholars especially his teacher, the great scholar and educator Al Habib Omar Bin Hafeez, Dean of Dar Al Mustapha.

Additionally, Al-Habib Ali gave an overview about his new program “Hayatuna” whose first episodes are being recorded in Cairo, and sought the Grand Imam’s directions and supplications.

At the end of the meeting Al-Habib Ali handed the Grand Imam a collection of the latest publications at Tabah Foundation for Islamic Studies among them: “Ethics and Virtual Worlds: a case study”, and “Islamic Discourse Between the Conclusive and the Variable” by the great scholar Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah. The meeting was concluded with supplications by the Grand Imam the afternoon of Sunday 20th June 2010.

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