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Al Habib Ali visits 57357

“Effective Planning , scientific research and ongoing training are the main wheels of success”

“This culture is worthy to be diffused in the Arab world.”

“The volunteer at the hospital wins a reward equivalent to that of the fighter for Allah’s cause.” 

At the early hours of the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, Al Habib Ali visited the children at 57357 prayed for their healing and for peace and serenity for their families. He was warmly received by the hospital’s VP for training, research, and international relations, who accompanied him in an extensive tour of the premises.

   During his tour, Al Habib Ali was keen to convey a message to all humanitarian work supporters: “We need to strongly support this great humanitarian work, which is based on diligence and is relying on sciences and religious precepts to become a leading center of excellence. In fact, the hospital offers quality comprehensive care to all patients, free of charge, without distinction. The hospital’s concept of humanitarian work is exceptional, making this healthcare center a role model for others to follow in and outside Egypt. This is already taking place in Sudan and in Syria, in line with Prophet Mohamed PBUH’s saying “Whoever initiates a good practice (sunnah hasanah) in Islam and is emulated by others in doing so will get the reward of it and the reward of all those who act upon it without their rewards being diminished in any respect…”

   Al Habib Ali urged those who have the means to donate to help all the sick children, qualifying this charitable contribution as a pleasing act to God Almighty. Then, he met a group of young volunteers at the hospital and inquired about their role in serving the children, telling them “If you are honestly committed to your job in serving these children, you will win a reward equivalent to that of the fighter for Allah’s cause … I truly wished I would have participated with you in this humanitarian action since the start of the project so as to gain God’s blessings and satisfaction.

   During his tour, he visited various departments including the outpatient clinics, children’s play rooms and the clinical pharmacy where he was informed about the application of the latest medical informatics system and its importance of ensuring a reliable database which reflects the real picture of patients outcomes aiming at improving their conditions and increasing cure rates to the level of those achieved presently in the west.

   Al Habib Ali spent some time with the children in the play rooms, namely Mohamed diagnosed with leukemia and Haneen from Demiatt diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. He prayed for their recovery and promised them another visit. Then he was guided to visit the cyclotron building and was informed about this technology which produces the radioactive isotopes necessary for the functioning of the PET/CT which is a state of the art equipment in terms of scanning, early diagnosis and follow up of the development of the disease and response to the treatment in the human body.

   At the end of his visit, Al Habib Ali said: “I was deeply touched to see a smiles on the children’s faces and to hear them say” Al Hamdu Lillah” Thanks and Praise be to God. I was also moved by how comfortable, serene and at peaceful the children are in this place despite what they are going through in their fight against cancer.

   He added: “Progress and superior level of care offered by this hospital is the result of hard work, dedication and a long term process and vision based on the pursuit of knowledge, evidence-based practice, and continuous training by all staff at all levels. This process and vision are practically non-existent in the Arab World. We need to duplicate the 57357 model to achieve further progress in health care, God willing”.

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